Voltage Regulator


In this project, a simple variable voltage regulator is implemented. LM317 is used to regulate the output voltage.

Circuit Diagram


Short Description

The output voltage of LM317 is adjustable as long as it maintains a difference between input voltage and output voltage lower than 40 Volts. 

Voltage reference is 1.25 (the band-gap voltage).


 Material list

Sr. No. Component Specifications Quantity
1 Transformer 230V/12V,300mA 1
2 Diodes 1N4007 4
3 Filter capacitor 1000mfd/25V 1
4 LM317 standard 1
5 Resistors 1k2,220 ohm,0.25W 1 each
6 Potentiometer 1k, 16mm 1
7 PCB General Purpose, 4″X4″ 1
8 Misc Wires, solder metal

This project is available in the kit form. Contact Omkar to buy it. This site has no commercial connection with his activities.

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