Plot in a plot

We need plots in mathematics. They give us the clear picture.

Some times, we want more information from a specific region of the curve. If we zoom it and show it in the original plot area, it is easier to compare the two.

We can have this “inset” using gnu-octave.

The following image shows the Octave-script code. Notice that-

  • clear command clears all the earlier variables and the script begins from scratch.
  • clc() clears the screen.
  • c and c_1 are the co-efficient matrices of the function polynomials.
  • The “polyval ” function evaluates the polynomial.
  • subplot(1,1,1) function decides that there are to be two plots.
  • set () function decides properties of plots.
  • Other functions and syntaxes are obvious.



Download the inset code (in pdf format)

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