Understanding Op-amps-1


In this article, you will understand the basics behind an amplifier. An amplifier increases magnitude of input signal keeping its shape same.

The slide-show

See the slide-show below to know how a general amplifier works. We strongly recommend to

  1. use the pause button
  2. observe, read and understand from each slide carefully and…
  3. then move to the next slide.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Needs of a good amplifier

A good amplifier satisfies following :

  1. It offers same gain for a wide range of input signal frequencies.
  2. It can supply large current to its load. (e.g. loud speaker)
  3. It can offer large gain i.e. amplification factor.
  4. It needs to take very less current from the input signal source.
  5. It rejects noise inherently. (Noise means any unwanted input signal that shouldn’t get amplified)

A simple amplifier may fulfill some of the above conditions, though not all. However, an operational amplifier can fulfill all of them to a great extent.


For your reference, download the above slide-show in the pdf form.


If you have any question regarding working of an amplifier, please ask your question in the comments’ space. If you have no doubts at all, solve the quiz below:

The Quiz

[WATU 4]

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