Bed switch

This project is a do it yourself remote control. You can make it by soldering the circuit on a breadboard or fabricate it on the proper pcb. Vidnyan Kendra Has provided the pcb design.

The project is a remote control of a lamp. The controlling device is simply a powerful LED torch. By using the  light beam one you can turn on or turn off the lamp in the room.

This remote control will be very useful to turn on or turn off the light in the bedroom while remaining in the bed, just before you go to sleep.

The above circuit shows how to connect your electronic ciruit to the lamp in the room.

Internal electronic ciruit of the remote control is shown above. Fabricate it on a pcb and use it.

The above circuit will need a small power supply so that the circuit runs on the domestic ac supply. The power supply circuit is shown below:

A special pcb is designed for this application by Vidnyan Kendra. It is as below

You can use the circuit, pcb to make this project. if you face any difficulty, contact us.

All the information about this project can be downloaded here.

Project is designed by Vidnyandoot.  PCB design, Fabrication and testing by Omkar Desai.

The project is released under the creative commons license (CCL-0).