TINAH means This Is Not Arduino Hardware.


Tinah Board

Arduino is a free development platform which uses AVR micro controllers. TINAH is a simplified approach to the Arduino hardware. Here are the salient features of TINAH.

  • Open source pcb for hardware assembly (released under Creative Commons License)
  • Fully compatible with Arduino IDE software.
  • No bootloader required for the cpu chip. So more program memory available.
  • Lesser cost.
  • Can be made with off-the-shelf components.
  • No smd components used.
  • Uses USBASP as the cpu programmer. You will need to Download usbasp driver for your OS.
  • If you use Arduino ide to program your chip, use the option “upload using programmer” from the file menu.
  • Uses avrdude as its programming software. If you download the full avr development software winavr, you will get the inbuilt avrdude programmer installed on your windoze machine.
  • If you need a gui for the avrdude, you can get it here.
  • For communication through the usb port you may need the usb to serial cable.
  • Simplicity is its strength.
  • In case if user finds difficulty, support available on forum.

You can download the Project TINAH here.

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