The paraboloid

The concave mirror solar cooker

  • Paraboloid software is released under GNU_Gpl V3.0
  • Drawings and designs are released under Creative commons License.
  • All documentation is released under Free Documentation License.

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Paraboloid project is a Scilab script. It produces drawings of “sectors” of a concave surface. If you use this script, you will be able to fabricate concave mirror of any size from (reflective) stainless steel sheets. One can use this to make a concave mirror solar cooker or a parabolic antenna.

  • The project zip file contains the program script. This must be run in the Scilab environment. Scilab is free. Download Scilab.
  • The project zip file contains the e-book (pdf) explaining how to use the script to fabricate the concave surface.Download project paraboloid using Scilab .
  • The project also can be run using another free software, GNU Octave. Here is the Octave script.

Get yourself or your engineers trained in our workshops to manufacture the concave mirror for solar cooker. Write to us if you wish so. Also, you may want to buy a prototype of the solar mirror from us. Contact us to know about the project Paraboloid using the form below: